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DLN is a trusted partner enhancing your competitive edge with advanced distribution solutions. We're an independent systems integrator with a 20 year track record of creating efficient and effective automated distribution and fulfillment solutions for our clients.

Our team is dedicated and experienced in solving your toughest material handling challenges.

We love distribution! Meet us at Modex and tell us about your biggest material handling challenges. We look forward to meeting you at Modex!


Looking for ways to optimize your existing operation? Our team of experts can extend the life of your current building with the most advantageous solutions. 

Looking for ways to scale up your growing operation? Our Solutions Consulting team uses data and modeling to guide your optimal strategy.

Looking to replace outdated equipment? Our experienced staff can audit your facility and implement the most cost-effective technology.


3D Model of Distribution Center

Check out our scale model distribution center which illustrates DLN's capabilities with solutions used in modern DCs. See conveyor, shuttles, order picking, decanting and more - in miniature! 

Approximately 1/24th scale, thoughtfully designed and skillfully built with over 30,000 parts, including 3D printed and laser cut parts plus over 10,000 pieces of hardware. The model was assembled over the course of 8 months.

You won't want to miss this photo-worthy conversation-starter!

On-Floor Seminar

"Modernizing DC Operations for Seamless Delivery"

◾ Monday, March 11 at 2:30 PM ◾ Last Mile Theater by DC Velocity

Modernizing distribution center operations to achieve seamless delivery is crucial in the contemporary logistics landscape. This session will cover the strategic significance of revamping DC processes, emphasizing the adoption of state-of-the-art technologies, and innovative methods to streamline operations. From sorting systems upgrades, phasing in robotics, to real-time inventory tracking and dynamic warehouse software, the modernization process delivers optimized order fulfillment within an existing DC footprint.

Join us to learn how to effectively address the challenges associated with complex last-mile logistics with facility modernization. 

Presented by DLN's Luke Nuber, Senior Account Executive


Luke Nuber
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Get Your Caricature!

We'll have an artist in our booth to digitally draw your caricature and print it immediately.

◾ Quick and fun sittings ◾ Available for download and online sharing ◾ Click here to access your digital caricature (after March 13, 2024)

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